Roots of Qadianiyyat

Roots of Qadianiyyat

Manzoor Ahmed Manzoor

With the rise of colonialism, Christian West started to subjugate Muslims/Aalam-e-Islam and other nations. After achieving complete success, they remained vigilant to maintain their subjugation. It can be understood that subjugating Muslims was different from subjugating non-Muslim people in the sense that historical rivalry between Christianity and Islam and Jewish elements in the Christian world. This aspect remained hidden behind West’s overwhelming superiority in knowledge, science, technology and Culture.

Today no Muslim nation can boast of becoming independent of Christianity/ West and find a respectful place in the world, what to talk of Aalam-e-Islam collectively. Never forget Israel and Jews in the Christian world when we say Christianity or West. A myth of independence in Muslim countries prevails everywhere. No ruling elite in any Muslim country except Iran seems to be uncomfortable with the prevailing situation. This subjugation must end. And Iran is spearheading this struggle.

Within this overall historical process of colonialism and subjugating other people, Qadianiyyat was one of the tools of the British against the Muslims of the subcontinent. They created, protected and nourished it. Since then Qadianiyyat is in the service of the West for their games in the Muslim world.That it was a religious problem was a deception. It was a political problem and it is a political problem. (3-2-2021)


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